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December 12, 2017 dumizulu

Ancient Genocide..

Looking at the  modern Chinese and Qin of 221 BCE  terracotta and there are huge racial variances…

modern chinese armt=y
different from the old army


ancient chinese
Ancient Chinese Africans!

Why Are they not the same people?

It is obvious something drastic took place and is taking place.

China has gone through dramatic revolutions who funded them?
Why is Mao revered by the global bankers and the shadowy leaders of many billionaire think tanks?
What is the boxer rebellion?

boxer rebellion
the boxer rebellion

While it is clear that the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and South Asians, have all been methodically confirmed to be Africans the Mulatto and Albino Mongols of “North East Asia” are devoted to hide this part of their history. Consequently, African history on and about China must unavoidably state this.
The primary, natural, aboriginal populations of China were Black Africans. They migrated from West Africa, the Sahara, East Africa and from Southern Africa. The majority group were the Kong-San, Khoisan, Bushmen and other Africans.

The Khoisan are one of the oldest race today.

Bantus In Zimbabwe…

A group of ancient Khoisans trekked up East Africa. It continued into North East Africa through the Horn of Africa into the Arabian Peninsula then into Asia.
In Asia they are still noticeable in many ethnic groups in countries like Cambodia. Many of the Khmer people still have strong African like features frizzy hair and darker or black skin. Today the majority of Asians have some degree of African features:
Short blunt nose with wide nostrils, high cheekbones, and full lips.
Some 2000 years ago black people were the majority. today they are almost non existence.
What happened?
This is the story we are narrating.
Modern Chinese population has become an almost “Homogenous” people, with relatively little difference in skin colour.
yet as late as the 13th century A.D, there were millions of “Pure Black” Mongol tribes in existence –
A huge Conspiracy is underway….
It goes without saying that these modern Black and Brown Chinese are certainly not the majority.
find out what happened

Watch this video below…

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