African Mysteries Egyptian Healing.

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The Art Of Healing.

The Ancient inspired black Thinkers recommended that we understand that healing is an art and a science but in life and spirit it is magic…

African Mysteries Egyptian Healing.

ebers papyrus medical healing in ancient egypt
the god of wisdom THOTH. Jahute

Ancient black physicians were trained to deal gently with the those who were ill. Extreme kindness was shown to the maimed and the diseased. The sick were never considered, as in some other civilizations, untouchable, demon-possessed creatures. The wise one, Amenemope says, ‘Do not mock at the blind; do not scoff at dwarfs; do not injure the lame; do not sneer at a man who is in the hand of God (of unsound mind).’

A suffering person is not to be left without help: Go in to him, and do not abandon him.” (Ebers 200)

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During clinical consultations there was a detailed examination in the course of which the physician had to exert his powers of observation to the utmost to detect as many symptoms and to elicit as many signs as he could. According to the available clinical descriptions, it started with a detailed history-taking and questionnaire.

Ebers Papyrus…

A detailed inspection of the face: color secretions from nose, eyes, of the neck abdomen, and limbs: swelling, shaking, varicosities, perspiration, stiffness. The general appearance and nutrition of the body were observed: ‘…[a patient] whose body shrinks’ (Ebers.197); the expression of the face: ‘If …thou findest that he has been changed and has turned deathly pale [this one has crossed the channel to the beyond]’ (Eb. 198); the color of the eyes; the pigmentation and the color of the skin: ‘…If thou findest on his shoulders, his arms that there is color…’ We find statements such as there is a ‘perishing of the mind’ and ‘his heart is forgetful like one who is thinking of something else.’

The smell of the body, of the sweat, of the breath and of wounds was noted. A wound in the Smith papyrus is said to smell like the urine of sheep; the breath of a patent is compared to a latrine; the smell of a mother’s milk is said to be like a particular fruit and like that of fish if bad; and a gynecological lesion smells of burnt meat.

Urine and fecal matter were then inspected: ‘thou shalt rise every day to examine that which has fallen from his hinder part… if… comes out of him like black bile, then… if thou examines him after doing [treatment] and something comes out of his anus like porridge of beans, then thou shalt say to this: that which is in his cardia has come out.’

So we can see that great care was taken to listen to how the body was functioning.

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Ancient breast cancer management


Palpation of the pulse was very important and noted in the papyri. Also that of the abdomen was no less important: ‘If thou examinest a man suffering from a resistance in his cardia, and thou findest that it goes and comes under thy fingers like oil in a leather bag…’, or ‘…then thou shalt examine him lying extended on his back. If thou findest his belly warm and a resistance in his cardia, thou shalt say to him: it is a liver case. Thou shalt prepare the secret herbal remedy which is made by the physician… If, after having done that, thou findest the two sides of the belly: the right one warm, and the left one cool, then… thou shalt again examine him, if thou findest his entire belly cool thou shalt say: his liver is opened he has received the remedy [i.e. the remedy has operated].

The palpation of tumors was detailed and painstaking. The temperature of different parts of the body was compared. Wounds were also felt with the same care: a fractured skull was compared to a punctured earthen jar, the pulsations of the brain were compared to those of an open fontanelle. Fractures were distinguished from luxations by feeling crepitus under the fingers.

Alternative Healing systems.

There are so many ways to get well and it is smartness to search and try some before you fall n the single orthodox official one. 

Percussion was also an aspect of clinical observation. We find references such as, ‘…then thou shalt put thy hand over his cardia; if thou findest his cardia drumming and it is coming and going under thy finger…’ Also references are made explaining other sounds that are discovered during examination. Some more alternative healing systems can be read from this link

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