Ancient African Meditation!

September 12, 2017 dumizulu


healing is an art and a science but in life and spirit it is magic...
healing is an art and a science but in life and spirit it is magic…


Is it true that Meditation Relaxes Brain, Renews Body?
This  ancient way in relaxation techniques came out of ancient Africa.

It can offer physical, psychological, and
spiritual benefits.
Health comes from  healing methods and is an art and a science.
Relaxation  in life and spirit is pure magic…
How Meditation  Relaxes Brain, Renews Body.
Despite the prevalence of millions of natural products, programs and solutions to assist
with healing the hidden self, it is in fact proven that meditation is ultimately the better
choice. Of course, some people find it difficult to meditate, so they will use other
solutions, such as the Neurofeedback to encourage relaxation and meditation.

More Healing Techniques.

Another natural source is the aromatherapy solutions for healing. Aromatherapy has
several types of aromas, which are intended for particular purposes. You can go online to
discover the fragrances. Moreover, which aromas can assist you with healing self?
Moreover, you may benefit from subliminal learning. By learning how to explore your
subliminal mind you can accomplish any goal you set for yourself.
We all go through challenges each day. Some of us go through more problems than
others do, but each of us has the power within to manage the volume of stress we face.
If you are overwhelmed with stress, your best bet is to set up a stress management
solution, and then start practicing natural healing techniques, such as mediation daily to
take back control of your life.
If your stress is coming from pain, perhaps you can benefit from pain management.
Perhaps a combination of biofeedback, Neurofeedback, massage therapy, meditation,
aromatherapy, et cetera can do you some good. Don’t rely on unnatural remedies to
relax pain, rather practice pain healing the natural way.
Meditation is a state of being focused on a certain thought and involves the “quieting of
the mind” as you concentrate inwardly, resulting to a more relaxed and calm feeling. This
relaxation technique can help a person develop his personality through mental discipline
as well as encourage his spiritual well-being by communing with The Infinity.

This began in ancient Egyptian Mystery Religion dating back several centuries.
It has since been assimilated in western culture via spiritual practices and medical
therapies which focus on different kinds of healing with the help of the mind and inner

african mediattion
ancient healing system of African based meditation

Experts On Meditation Brain and Body Renewal.
According to Dr. Borysenko, author of ‘Minding the Body, Mending the Mind’, “…through
meditation, we learn to access the relaxation response (the physiological response
elicited by meditation) and we become more aware of the mind and the way our attitude
produces stress.” He believes that through meditation, one can also get in touch with
the “inner physician” and allow the body’s own inner wisdom to be heard.
In Taoism, the mind of emotions is controlled by the “Fire” energy of the heart.
Unrestrained, this Fire energy flares upward and wastefully burns up the energy and
smothers the mind. On the other hand, the mind of intent, or will power, is governed by
the Water energy of the kidneys. Without direction, the “Water” energy is flushed down
the sexual organs which drains its essence and spirit. However, when you are meditating,
these flows of Water and Fire energies are reversed. The Water energy is drawn up to
the head through the Central and Governing channels, while the Fire energy from the
heart is drawn down into the Lower Elixir Field in the abdomen, where the energy is
refined and transformed. This process allows the mind of intent, which is Water, to
provide a soothing and relaxing effect over the mind of emotion, which is Fire. Hence,
meditation relaxation occurs.

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Consider meditating daily…
Thank You