Bantu Real Hieroglyphics

August 21, 2017 dumizulu

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African Bantu Hieroglyphics

Bantu Is The Real  Original Tongue….

hieroglyphic for a child

To the utter shock of many Black People still speak the most ancient of languages.  The highest development was the building of pyramids, the mathematics, the art of healing, medico spiritual science and  numbers etc….

For example the word for a child in Bantu as determined from Proto-Bantu adjective –ANA  references a small, young child. Many other different prefixes to the adjective -ANA  could be used. Examples of this may be seen by examining the Kiswahili-Bantu word for a child given by the prefix MU- to give the word MU-ANA.

Likewise the Shona-Bantu words for a child attaches the prefix K- to give K-ANA. Some more words are as follows, Twana, Chana, Svana, Hwana, Mutwana, Zvana.

It is obvious in these instances that since the hieroglyphics of  Ancient Egyptian are amply demonstrated here  via oral speech this is some hard evidence that Bantu is the Real Hieroglyphics.  This root -ANA is clearly the same derivative from Bantu to the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

One More Hieroglyphic Rooted Word Proof….

NUHA, NUKA (Tsonga-Bantu, other Bantu)
Ancient Egyptian NHA, stink,  foul stench, 
Proto-Bantu NUKA
Tsonga-Bantu NUHA, smell, stink
Kiswahili-Bantu NUKA smell, stink
Tsonga-Bantu word NUHA gives a close fit in sound and meaning to the Ancient Egyptian word.

Shona- Nhuwa,

SiNdebele- Nuka…

BESA, BASA, WASHA (Southern-Soto-Bantu, other Bantu)
Ancient Egyptian BS, flame, fire, blaze
Southern Soto-Bantu BESA, make a fire, to burn, to cook or roast
Shona-Bantu BASA, BESA, make a fire
Kiswahili-Bantu WASHA, kindle, set fire to, light

The Ancient Egyptians used the Bantu words, BESA, BASA to describe a God who was in charge of making fire. He was called BSI, and was given by the set of hieroglyphics shown below.

hieroglyphics for besa light a fire
hieroglyphic for besa light a fire!

We see proof that AFRICANS developed Hieroglyphics and all the nonsense that some alien or out of Africa falls apart in this ….

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