Evoking Your Invincible DIVINE SPARK.

September 3, 2017 dumizulu

The Spark Is Inside You?

According to the teachings of our ancient black ancestor thinkers and sages “man” is a dual entity.

There is divine potential, a sacred spark of  life inside a physical body.

This spiritual essence is housed or buried in a physical flesh and blood entity. At this level two distinct totally different materials are bound together for a life time.

Man is an Animal
What is Man?

A divine entity riding inside a wild beast. Hence man is a real animal.

Material Success..

You do want to be rich is that so? To have millions of lots of dollars by engaging in business and entrepreneurship. You want to arouse success factors and live a happy fulfilling life, You must without fear or failure engage correct spiritual gears.
Do not worry too much on this. r allow your education and spirituality interfere with this. The filthy rich, the TRILLIONAIRE families engage in deep spiritual rituals.
They condition and teach the masses to ignore this aspect so as to rule the earth.
Today herein we give the Key on how to evoke Your invincible Spirit and succeed.