Great AFRICA Book List Builds Knowledge

August 26, 2017 dumizulu

 Life’s True University…..

Albert Camus once said, “The true university of these days is a collection of books”.

This is So true.

Even though You may not have at once spent a year or an hour in any school or college or university, yet you can gain knowledge in any field. That is  if you have made books your TRUE friend.

Life Spirit Activation.

ebers papyrus medical healing in ancient egypt
describes ancient healing recipes

So if you want to excel in the practice of  Life and activate your Spirit, just go through relevant books. Billions of books are widely available. Knowledge of life and spirit are worth all the time and money you spend in acquiring books. Unfortunately there are no  courses that teaches Life and Spirit .

Ancient Sages…

settle for nothing less than God

Ancient Egyptian Sages and wise ones exercised  a natural method of healing, both mentally and physically. The knowledge of the ages has been compiled in several books.

Earlier books remained confined to the place of their birth. However, with the efforts of some scholars, these books, which were earlier in the dark, have come to the notice of people the world over.

And no, you do not have to be conversant with Hieroglyphics (though this is eventually beneficial); neither do you have to dabble with Hebrew to understand the depths of knowledge in these books. Quite a large number of these books have been translated in English and other popular languages.

Modern Authors.

black Power Source
Some telling questions to the Black Race;
Do we know our inherent ancestral competitive advantages?
Are we using our own competitive advantages?
The answers are vital.

Many books have been written by contemporary authors as well. New researches and surveys have been included in these books. Some tried and tested knowledge systems, certain myths, and many such information can be easily found in these books.

These are also easily available in all bookstores. So, when coming from your office or during weekends, just get down at a good bookstore. Here you will find such a large collection of books in that you will find it hard to make any buying decision.

For those of you who find themselves deficient in time, and find that searching for the books in bookstores and libraries is too arduous a task, you have online bookstores for help.  One can also purchase his choice  books through the online shopping facility. You can either pay by your credit card or pay at the time of delivery,,,

Some suggested books… CLICK here to find some books

The Need for a Black Bible

by Yosef Ben-Jochannan

Christianity Before Christ Paperback – February 1, 2002
by John G Jackson