KHMER Rouge And The Total Destruction Of Black People In Cambodia

January 2, 2018 dumizulu

Who Was Pol Pot?

pol pot

Do You Know that POL POT after masterminding the genocide of millions was never arrested or prosecuted?
He died of heart attack in old age in his home!
Why Is it critical to know?
No historian or scholar to date has offered a full explanation. We give that answer in this post….
Why did Pol Pot love Mao?
Who is behind the destruction wholesale of partial of ancient monuments?
What are they scared of?
Ancient Black Cambodians…

original cambidians

Black people were on this planet 2.5 million or more years before any Europeans was born.
The European appeared only 7000 years ago!
Black people were here first!
They founded all ancient empires and fathered original ancient civilisations. The Funani empire was followed by the second great Khmer Empire. This rose, after the fall of Funan it was called Angkor: Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a symbolic representation of Mount Meru. Angkor Wat faces west toward the Nile. Angkor Wat and the Egyptian royal tombs correspond in form to the number 72.

This ancient Cambodian empire held power from the 9th to the 15th centuries. The city of Angkor was located in the modern Cambodian province of Siem Reap, which is in the northwest of the country. “Angkor” itself is a Cambodianized interpretation of the Sanskrit word Nagara, which means “city.” superpowers of the time, namely China to the north and Java to the south.
Angkor Wat in Cambodia was built in the 12 th century by King Suryavarman the second according to current history. The first Cambodians, the original Khmer were like original .S.E Asians as explained by a noted expert:
In 1923, in his Racial History of Man, a hallmark work in ethnology and anthropology, Harvard University anthropologist and Librarian of the Peabody Museum, Roland Burrage Dixon (1875-1934) noted that the ancient Khmers were physically:

“marked by distinctly short stature, dark skin, curly or even frizzly hair, broad nose and thick negroid lips. While metrical data are almost wholly lacking, it seems probable that we have, in the latter group, the much-mixed survivors of an early Negroid stratum, of mixed Proto-Australoid and Proto-Negroid types (with perhaps some Negritoes).”
Why have we fallen and are on the brink of extinction?
How can we rise again ?
WE offer the reason why Pol Pot was not prosecuted.
The answer to that is proof that we are at war. So it is time to strategize.
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destruction of black races…in south east Asia